“Life is a balance between holding on and letting go.”

- Rumi


The passion to learn, explore, and help others motivates me to help you grow. Based on experience and education, we believe people are influenced by their biological, psychological, and social surroundings and experience, that is how Whole Hearted Wellness, LLC was born. We use warmth, humor, compassion, and a direct approach to help you explore your emotions, current and past experiences, challenges, and place in the world.  We strongly believe in the importance of the therapeutic relationship in setting and reaching goals together. 

We strongly believe in the importance of the therapeutic relationship in setting and reaching goals together.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is helpful for a variety of reasons including increasing an individual's self-awareness, encouraging self-exploration and insight, identifying boundaries, enhancing communication skills and improving the use of healthy coping skills. 

Couples Counseling

Couples usually seek counseling while experiencing major life changes, transitions, or loss. Couples counseling can provide a safe space to talk about sensitive topics and promote exploration. By facilitating open communication, a couple is provided a safe space to feel heard, soothed, respected, and cared for first. By working together, we analyze old communication patterns and maladaptive behaviors and then replace them with feasible and more effective ones.

Family Counseling

Family therapy can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts regarding life transitions, physical and or mental illnesses, loss, trauma, financial burden, and more. Family therapy can help you build empathy and understanding to facilitate cohesion and communication while building healthy boundaries.

About Samia Khan

I grew up in a family of seven in Karachi, Pakistan and have been living in Wisconsin for the past 17 years. As a child, I was exposed to close loved ones in the medical profession which piqued my interest in sciences. With more exploration, I found my true passion providing mental health services.

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